Learning to programme from scratch

I’ve decided to try and learn to programme and I’ve started this blog to track my progress (or lack thereof).

Why is this interesting? Well, I’m 30 years old and I have absolutely no programming experience. I don’t mean I’m a designer who’s dabbled in coding, or I learnt some programming a few years ago and I’m picking it up again – I mean I have *no* experience. Zero.

I’m doing this for a few reasons (that I’ll expand upon in a later post), but one of the reasons is just to see if it’s possible. Most programmers live and breathe programming, and they start early – most start around the age of 13. It’s not the sort of thing you just wake up one morning and decide to do.

I’ll start with a few posts to put this is context – why, how, what have I done so far etc.. Thereafter, my posts will probably be fairly irregular ramblings about what I’ve learnt or what I’m stuck on. Maybe this blog will even become a useful resource for others who are starting from scratch.

On the other hand, what is much more likely is that I’ll drift away from this idea, never learn to programme and this blog will remain an online testimony to my lack of commitment. Only time will tell!


4 Responses to “Learning to programme from scratch”

  1. Ruediger Says:

    Well you’ll be most certainly drift away from the idea sooner or later if you don’t know what you actually want to do with that knowledge. For me as for most programmers it’s the need to get things done, to automate tasks, like plugging in an usb sound card and the music starts to play. That’s the most important, sometimes even the only reason to be a programmer 😉

    • majorgrooves Says:

      You’re right – and the whole “why I want to be able to program” thing will probably be the subject of another blog post. On a more micro level, I do have an idea of what I would like to do as a first web project. Conceptually it’s quite simple, it’s based on another popular web service which is already out there and it’s something I wish existed. It will be a good practice project for everything from actual programming to making a web app, to playing with APIs and databases and servers etc., and I might end up with something that is actually useful.

  2. Leron Says:

    Oh, man. I’ll have to subscribe to this one. I’m in the same boat, sorta. I’ve always wanted to program (33 years old now), but haven’t been able to get into it. I’ve had quite a few false starts in the past. Maybe I can siphon some motivation.

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