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Graduation Cake Guy

'Graduation Cake Guy' by Flickr user CarbonNYC

My last post was 1st February and I haven’t done any coding since that last post.

I’ve had a few things on my mind which have been distracting me, but in the last few days I’ve finally decided I’d like to do an MBA. So, I have booked myself a Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) so I can get in to business school. Unfortunately studying for the test is going to take up all my time for the next month, so my coding will have to wait.

If you read blogs in the hacker/start-up circles you will read some pretty disparaging posts about most MBA courses and the people that do them. I can understand that; I hate the stereotype of the “MBA guy” that has a “great idea” and just needs to find some programmer to build it for him. I’ll never be that guy. In a technology/Internet start-up the skills of the programmer are the most important asset. Ideas are easy – execution is difficult.

Nevertheless, despite the frequent cynicism expressed from many quarters towards MBAs, the course is still very relevant in the business world, including start-ups. I’ll probably post some more about that in the future.

So I won’t be posting about coding for the next few weeks, but I do have another few posts stored up about what I’ve learnt so far, why I am doing this and my connection to start-ups. I don’t want to continually find excuses not to code for long periods of time, but the GMAT and essays for MBA applications are going to require a lot of work! My test is on 6th April and my #1 MBA course choice deadline in 9th April.

In the meantime, have a look at this post: How to begin to teach yourself how to code, starting from scratch (/via Hacker News).


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3 Responses to “Finding time”

  1. Learning How to Handle the Stresses of Athletes Through Sports Psychology - Top News, Music, and Sports - The Blog Conglomerate Says:

    […] Finding time « From Noob to Ninja Programmer […]

  2. Sami Says:

    Hello majorgrooves,

    You might want to watch this video by dhh

    • majorgrooves Says:

      Haha! That’s exactly the talk I was thinking of when I was writing this post. DHH is one of the primary “MBAs are rubbish” protagonists. To be fair, I think he was doing some kind of undergraduate MBA/business degree, which I don’t think is entirely comparable to a post-graduate MBA after you have had several years of work experience. He’s certainly the worst advert Copenhagen Business School has ever had!

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